Is most communication a waste of time?

Mindless communication Every day we are bombarded with conversation. Microsoft Teams messages, emails, WhatsApp, Signal, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, LinkedIn, and meetings. As I write this, there is a conversation going on in Microsoft Teams, a WhatsApp message from someone who wants to view my apartment, emails from friends, colleagues, suppliers, spammers, and others. And at […]

An Affective Workforce Requires Energy and Vitality

When an employee exhibits energy and vitality, it has an impact on the customer. As a case in point: I was shopping for pillows on Saturday and was served by a lady who was energetic, engaging, and enthusiastic…

Who is responsible? Everyone!

Have you ever worked in an organisation where blame is assigned at every opportunity? When things go wrong, there is a desperate scramble to find the person in the team who is responsible for the failure…

Fear Makes You Ineffective

In the last two days, South Africa has been turned upside down. Scenes that would have appeared impossible to a rational mind are unfolding before us, and it is hard to make sense of it all. Looting, burning, anarchy and lawlessness are the order of the day, and it doesn’t seem that our government, and […]

How you feel depends on your needs

Who would have thought 2020 would bring such upheaval to our lives, and change the entire world as we know it? Lock-down has been a challenge and a blessing, depending on your perspective. Mostly, it has created an inexplicable roller-coaster ride of highs and lows for many, as the days merge into one long experience. […]