Get to know me

How Barbara Ikin Leadership Consulting came to be

I am a qualified coach who specialises in working with individuals who are looking to learn more about themselves and how they relate to the world to enhance their leadership skills and manage their teams more effectively.

I have always been fascinated with finding meaning. To me it goes hand-in-hand with achievement, personal growth and mastery. After five decades of life experience, I realised that the most important things are not material and intellectual gains, but our relationships with others, living wholeheartedly, letting people in and revealing our authentic selves to the world.

On a personal level we all know this. But in our workplaces, especially if you are a leader, the same applies. Once I understood this, my life purpose was more clear : to help leaders to become self-aware, courageous and authentically lead others so they in turn can thrive in the workplace. This can be achieved while interacting in the world, building a career, a business and having a family. These are all interlinked and as the skills of mindfulness grow, so do relationships, purpose and fulfilment.

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Refining my purpose

Experience is the teacher of all things.

Julius Ceaser


A client's success, is my success

Our team is in the process of building a new business unit within the Bank. The team has grown quickly and we have purposefully selected a diverse group of people to help us build and grow the business. Diversity is so powerful, but also requires an understanding of self and how to engage with others to motivate and build everyone to be their best.

That’s where Barbara and the Core Strengths process came in to help us understand the motivational value system of each team member and how best to communicate with each other.

Thank you Barbara for the excellent facilitation – you made everyone feel comfortable, heard and understood. We appreciate that you took the time to give each team member personal feedback on their assessment and facilitate the group session to understand how all our strengths work together in the team environment.

What a fantastic process to learn and develop as individuals and as a team!

Elize Giese CEO: FNB Employee Benefits

I have so appreciated the support Barbara has offered to me in my personal and work life. Coaching with Barbara has offered me a fantastic opportunity to take time out of the busy day to day to really look into the processes and purpose of my practice and to ensure that my communication style aligns with the needs of my clients to ensure that I can subsequently meet their needs as best possible. Thank you Barbara for all of the insight, the additional readings, podcasts and various models of thought (specifically the Core Strengths evaluation) you have so appropriately and thoughtfully shared with me. I so appreciate your input.

Maryke Moir Occupational Therapist